San Yandél Affiliate Program - Terms & Conditions

Please be advised;

  1. That failure to comply with San Yandél Affiliate Program - Terms & Conditions may result in the termination of your relationship and/or the cancellation of the commission earned.
  2. San Yandél reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time according to the brand's requirements without notice.

Coupon Codes & Shareable Links;

  1. Without a valid or current code, affiliate network marketers who use "click to show" to display offers and/or sales instead of coupons are not allowed to use "click to show".
  2. The publisher of the affiliated coupon code must clearly specify the coupon discount that will be displayed when clicked.
  3. A valid code or promotion is defined as a code legally issued by San Yandél for use by affiliates, rather than a code issued directly to consumers. This code or promotion will have an activation date and, if required, a deactivation date.
  4. The coupon code catalog should contain a clear classification and separation between sales, offers and other discount codes.
  5. Other Sales, offers and discount codes offered by San Yandél and promoted by affiliates are not eligible for commission earnings Unless directly agreed with the San Yandél team in advance. Affiliates can however share/promote links to selected offers or categories on the San Yandél website.
  6. Coupon Codes belonging to other affiliates or not specifically assigned to you via your portal/exclusively are not eligible for commission earnings. Such codes must not be displayed by Affiliates.
  7. San Yandél reserve the right to with-hold Commission Earnings for sales gained after Affiliate has been terminated.

Full Terms & Conditions;

  1. Content creation and promotions must not include/give the impression of promoting adult content or age-restricted products.
  2. Affiliates may not put the San Yandél website into frames or use masked URLs.
  3. Affiliates should ensure they maintain the latest San Yandél pricing information during promotions.
  4. Affiliate sign ups go through verification and approval processes. San Yandél reserve the right to request more information and/or reject non-compliant applications.
  5. Only approved affiliates are eligible for commission earnings.
  6. San Yandél reserve the right to make changes to commission rates at anytime. Notice may be communicated.